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Five Keys to Producing a Good Book

    Step #1:
    Prospective buyers will pick up the book based on two things: the cover and the title.

    The cover design and title are the billboards of your book’s content. A good cover and title will get the attention of prospective readers and will convey the vision of your book.

    We will help you design an effective cover and choose an effective title that will cause your book to stand out from others on the shelf.

    Step #2:
    Next, a prospective buyer will turn the book over and read the back cover.

    Now that we’ve gotten the attention of the prospective buyer, the back cover of your book should provide a preview of the book’s content. It should tell the reader what is being said in the book, who is saying it, and why they should read it.

    Our editors and cover designers will help you produce a back cover which will invite your readers to open the book and read it.

    Step #3:
    Next, the buyer will fan or leaf through the pages, to get the general feel of the book.

    Once we’ve gotten the readers’ attention and they have been invited to open the front cover, the next thing they will notice is the overall feel of the book. A properly produced book will open easily and not slam shut because of stiff pages.

    We will produce your book with high quality materials and workmanship so that it is easy to open and not something your reader has to fight with.

    Step #4:
    If we have kept their interest, a buyer will next turn to the front of the book and read the table of contents and part of the introduction.

    Now that the readers feel comfortable with the book, they usually read the table of contents and perhaps the first page of the introduction. This is a critical point in their decision making process and largely determines whether they will buy the book or move on to another. We can strengthen this portion of your book presentation through proper layout and editing, making your introduction professional and drawing the reader into the book in the process.

    Step #5:
    Having examined these basic points of interest in your book, a prospective reader will arrive at an overall impression.

    The look and feel of a quality product will ultimately determine whether or not your message is taken seriously. People understand that a violinist doesn’t carry a Stradivarius in a paper bag. Your message is important, and you will only have one chance to make a first impression.

    The overall quality of the production of your book will inspire confidence in the message of the book and determine the effectiveness of its ministry.

    The Conclusion: People do judge a book by its cover ... and a few other key factors.

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